Living with IBS – The FODMAP diet

Since a recent rotten IBS flare up, I feel determined to try to really do something about my suffering. So I’ve began the ‘low FODMAP diet’. If you’ve not heard of this diet, you might be thinking ‘what on earth?’ – Keep reading to find out more about it.

The low FODMAP diet can feel overwhelming, exciting and scary all at the same time, as well as very confusing and challenging. So I want to help others as well as myself hopefully, with posts all about low FODMAP food options out there and recipes too.

I am not an expert and I’m still learning myself, but I want to help you by sharing as much information as possible. I hope if you join me on my journey, you find my posts helpful.

What is the low FODMAP diet?

A little bit about me

Having had stomach problems since childhood and having been told I have suspected IBS, I know how rotten and downright painful this condition can be.

If there’s one thing that helps me, it’s trying to help others which I hope to do through sharing my experiences, tips, information and recipes through my blog.

IBS can feel lonely, but we aren’t alone. And while the FODMAP diet can be challenging, just do your best to try to follow it as best you can, don’t put yourself under pressure or anxiety.

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