Low FODMAP marshmallow and chocolate Rice Krispies bites – gutfriendlygirl (Dairy free and gluten free options)

Following a low FODMAP diet doesn’t mean giving up on tasty treats – If you’re looking for a scrumptious and sweet chocolatey tasting treat with added colourful sprinkles on top – look no further!

Made with marshmallows and Rice Krispies and topped with milk chocolate and sprinkles, this low FODMAP treat is ‘no compromise’ and as an added bonus, it’s ‘no bake’ as well!!

While this recipe is not gluten free, easy adjustments can be made to make it gluten free – scroll below to find out more!

Ingredients: (makes 4 generous servings)

  • Marshmallows* – 150 grams
  • Kellogg’s Rice Krispies* – 60 grams of any ‘puffed rice’ or up to 156 grams with Kellogg’s Rice Krispies only – explained below
  • Milk chocolate* – 68 grams
  • white chocolate* – OPTIONAL – 12g approx in total
  • Sprinkles* (optional)
  • Butter – 15 grams
  • Water (10 mil approx – add accordingly)

Keeping the recipe low FODMAP

*Make sure to check the ingredients of marshmallows for additives such as high FODMAP sweeteners (which can be written as ‘E-numbers’) or if you’re in Canada – glucose fructose syrup. If you’re not in Canada, glucose-fructose syrup as an ingredient in your marshmallows should be okay – but not fructose-glucose syrup.

* Kellogg’s Rice Krispies have been certified by monash as low FODMAP in up to 39 gram servings. Be aware though, Kellogg’s Rice Krispies are not gluten free, and when it comes to ‘puffed rice’ generally speaking, monash has only certified 15 grams per serving as low FODMAP.

*In hindsight, I’d recommend using 68 grams from a flat bar of chocolate as Cadbury twirl bars aren’t the easiest to melt!

*Also, in hindsight, I wouldn’t recommend using white chocolate, but if you’d like to that’s fine – just be sure to use a tiny amount to keep to keep this recipe low FODMAP!

*Generally speaking, many sprinkles should be fine in small amounts. I used ‘doctor Oketor sprinkles -but be aware these are not gluten free!

How to make your Rice Krispie bites

  • Fill a pan with boiling water and simmer on the stove
  • Place a bowl above your pan
  • Add 150g of marshmallows, 15 grams of butter, and about 5-10 mil of water to your bowl
  • Stir with a utensil such as a spoon and add more water if required (if it’s difficult to melt or very sticky)
  • when your marshmallow mixture is runny, add 60 grams of Rice Krispies and mix together.
  • prepare your tray – I used 2 silicone trays which were 14 by 6 by 5 cm each.
  • Add the mixture to your trays – this step can be tricky due to the stickiness of the mixture – use a spoon and a spatula.
  • Weigh out 68 grams of milk chocolate and melt it – *To melt the chocolate fill a pan with boiling water. Then, place a bowl above your pan add your chocolate and stir gently until runny.
  • Use a spoon and / or spatula to spread the chocolate evenly across your Rice Krispie bites.
  • Optional: Evenly drizzle up to 12 grams in total of white chocolate on your Rice Krispie bites.
  • Optional – To add a bit of colour, add sprinkles to your Rice Krispie bites.
  • Place in the refrigerator for approximately 3-4 hours to set.
Midway through making!


Is this recipe gluten free?

No but the good news is it can quite easily be made gluten free with some adjustments! The brands I’ve chosen such as Kellogg’s, Dr Oketor, Cadbury’s and possibly ‘Ms Molly’s’ chocolate are not ‘coeliac safe’ due to them potentially containing gluten or possibly being contaminated with it – but with careful swaps, you could make the recipe gluten free!

How do I make this recipe gluten free?

It’s not just about gluten containing ingredients, if you have coeliac or are very sensitive to gluten, it’s important to make sure you buy products that aren’t potentially contaminated with gluten. I recommend swapping Kellogg’s Rice Krispies for a ‘free from’ alternative, Cadbury’s milk chocolate for a non gluten contaminated alternative – and doing the same with the milk chocolate – and specifically choosing gluten free sprinkles.

Is this recipe really low FODMAP?

It’s important to note this recipe I put together myself and it is ‘not certified’ as low FODMAP. However, thorough research leads me to believe unless your don’t stick to the serving sizes, this recipe should be low FODMAP!

How many serving sizes are low FODMAP?

Approximately one generous serving which is one quarter of this recipe should be low FODMAP.

Can I make this recipe lactose free?

I haven’t tried this myself but I’m going to guess yes! If asked for a specific recommendation, I’d recommend using arla lactofree spread.

Can I make this recipe dairy free?

I haven’t tried this, but I’m going to go ahead and guess yes! I’d recommend using dairy free spread with a high fat content and certain brands of dark chocolate – Lindt dark chocolate 70% cocoa and 85% cocoa are both vegan (and therefore dairy free.) If you’re thinking of using ‘free from vegan chocolate’, be aware that many vegan chocolates contain ‘inulin’ which is not ‘FODMAP friendly’ – so if you’re wanting the recipe to remain FODMAP friendly, I’d recommend certain dark chocolates instead.

Can I make this recipe vegan?

Potentially yes – I haven’t tried it, but I’d recommend following the above steps to make it dairy free, and also using vegan marshmallows. However, if you do use vegan marshmallows, be aware it may be a struggle to find ‘low FODMAP’ vegan marshmallows.

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