Low FODMAP snacks / snack ideas

If you’re a snacker, a low FODMAP diet can seem daunting – especially if you’re favourite snacks aren’t allowed or are limited! But don’t worry, I’ll be sharing just some (certified and uncertified) low FODMAP snacks you should be able to eat without a problem!

Low FODMAP biscuits and cookies

Plenty of biscuits and cookies – from schar gluten free digestives to fodilicious cookie buttons – are low FODMAP in low FODMAP serving sizes.

I’ve written a whole page about just some of the low FODMAP biscuit / cookies out there, click here to read – Low FODMAP biscuits and cookies

Nuts (some types)

These types of nuts are low FODMAP in the following serving sizes:

Type of nutlow FODMAP serving size in gramslow FODMAP nut amount
Walnut 30g10 walnut halves
pecan20g10 pecan halves
Peanuts 28g32 nuts
Brazil nuts 40g10 nuts
macadamia nuts40g20 nuts
chestnuts boiled – 168g | Roasted – 84g20 chestnuts boiled or
10 chestnuts roasted
tigernuts20g<- (Refer to grams)
pine nuts14g<- (Refer to grams)

*Peanut butter is also low FODMAP in up to 50g servings!

Plain rice cakes

Plain rice cakes can be enjoyed in up to 28 gram serves – that’s approximately 4 rice cakes!

If you’re looking to add a little flavour to your rice cakes, I suggest topping with any of the following….

Peanut butter – up to 50g is low FODMAP

Melted dark chocolate 85% – up to 20g is low FODMAP

Banana slices – (‘common’) unripe up to 100g serving or ripe up to 56g serving is low FODMAP

Strawberries – up to 10 medium sized strawberries are low FODMAP

cucumber slices – up to 75g is low FODMAP

Schar gluten free grissini breadsticks – one breadstick

Schar grissini – The good news is schar grissini has been certified as low FODMAP, however, the not so good news is only 1 breadstick per serving has been certified as low FODMAP!

Schar gluten free cream crackers

If you’re a snacker who likes a cracker, be aware that schars gluten free cream crackers are not only gluten free, lactose free and vegan friendly – but as well as this, a generous serving of 5 crackers (43g) is certified as low FODMAP!

Schar gluten free pretzels

Schar gluten free pretzels appear to be untested but according to ‘fodmarket,’ this salty snack – 60g per bag – should be low FODMAP as ‘fodmarket’ says ‘the primary ingredients are maize starch and potato starch, which are low FODMAP at a 100g serving size. There are no other high FODMAP ingredients.’

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