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Having suffered with IBS for years, I know how awful this condition can be and now I want to try to help others through sharing tips, knowledge and recipes.


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Having suffered with IBS for years, I know how difficult and restrictive this condition can be. Now I want to help others by sharing tips and recipes about gut friendly – low FODMAP – tasty food and more.

The Low FODMAP diet

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In short, the low FODMAP is a diet for people with IBS. It’s aim is to help people control there symptoms and discover possible triggers. The diet has 3 phases with the last one being eventually modelling a diet best suitable for you going forward. The diet is restrictive and is usually done under a dietician.


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I’m not an expert but I do have plenty of first hand experience with IBS, and I’m constantly educating myself all about FODMAPs so please feel free to ask me any questions and I’ll do my best to help!

Recipes and low FODMAP food ideas

‘Living with IBS doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice flavours we love. With adjustments I want to help you enjoy tasty gut friendly foods and delicious recipes.’

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